• @moodoodles x @antherstigma collaboration ! What's in this gift set ? A6 sticker sheet x 1 4 inch Original Burnt Cheesecake x 1 Gift Card x 1 Gift Box x 1 Illustrations by @moodoodles ! Stickers are best used in your planners whereas our Burnt Cheesecakes are best consume immediately :) Pre-orders only, 2 days in advance.
  • Mixture of 5 stalk of Fresh Pink & Liliac Roses with a touch of Baby Breath & fillers to make this perfect pastel bouquet this Valentine's Day. *Flowers subject to availability*
  • Dual Tone Roses (pink & white) will surely make your wedding day a special one! *Flowers subject to availability* *Pre-order only* *Roses colour can be changed according to your request*
  • Rose, Hydrangea, Eustomas A floral accessory worn on the lapel of a tux or suit jacket for special occasions such as weddings for men. *Flowers subject to availability* *Pre-order only*
  • Beautiful bouquet of Roses, Ranunculus, Eustomas, Leaves & Fillers, they are the perfect combination to celebrate new beginnings. *Flowers subject to availability* *Pre-order only*
  • White Calla Lilies to walk down the aisle in your beautiful wedding gown. *Flowers subject to availability*
  • One & Only Peonies

    Standard Size : 3 stalk of peonies Premium Size : 5 stalk of peonies *Flowers subject to availability*
  • Sunflowers Sunshine

    Standard Size : 1 stalk of sunflower with side fillers Premium Size : 5 stalk of sunflowers with side fillers *Flowers subject to availability*
  • M06 Daisies for a Day

    Standard Size : 3 stalk daisies Premium Size : 10 stalk daisies *Flowers & colours subject to availability* *Item not applicable for any promocode*
  • A/S Cake Bundle

    Need to get your sweet cravings fixed ? Purchase any 3 types of cakes with us and get 3 floral tea for free! What cake selections are there ? - Pandan Burnt Cheesecake - Rose Creme Brulee - Lavender Earl Grey Cake Top up an additional RM35 for a small bouquet of flowers to go along with it ! *While Stock Last, We reserve the rights to change cake selections depending on availability
  • M02 Forever Yours

    Standard Size : 5 stalk red roses Medium Size : 10 stalk red roses Premium Size : 20 stalk red rose
  • A bunch of baby spray roses in pink says it all ! Happy Valentine's Day :)