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    Trio Tarts

    Trio Tarts Available from 29/7 - 31/7 (Our last 3 days) Pre-Order now ! Flavors inclusive of : Matcha White Chocolate Tart x 1 Zesty Lemon Tart x 1 Chocolate Biscoff Tart x 1 Add another RM10 to add on 2 more drinks  : Black Coffee x 1 White Coffee x 1
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    We saved the best for last ! What’s in this box? Matcha Strawberry Croissant x 1 Roasted Hojicha Tea Bag x 1 Pistachio Rose Croissant x 1 Rose Green Sencha Tea Bag x 1 Night Bloom Coffee Croissant x 1 Lady Lavender Tea Bag x 1 *Pre-Order now, Available from 29/7 to 31/7 only. *While stock last
  • Pre-Order your whole cakes with Anther & Stigma ! -Rose Lychee / Lavender Earl Grey / Pandan Gula Melaka / Pandan Cendol Burnt Cheese / Matcha Burnt Cheese -All cakes are 9inch in size (12-15 servings)
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    Brew your own coffee at home with our Night Bloom. - Medium to Dark roast - Packaged in 500g - Taste notes : Nutty, Toffee, Chocolate, Bittersweet - Origin : Guatemala, Sidamo, Mexico, Java  
  • A/S Floral Cake

    Get your mom a Fresh Flower decorated Cake. Flavor of Orange Poppy OR Lemon Buttercream (6" inch) +RM30 add on for a small bouquet to make it even more special.  
  • Red roses paired with pink eustomas as the perfect bouquet to get for a special someone.
  • Window Box of Fresh Roses paired with Baby Breath specially made for you! Order one today to make someone's day.
  • Simple yet Elegant, Sincere Love is the best love. One stalk of champagne rose with side imported fillers. Order one today !
  • The best way to celebrate is a bouquet of Carnation ! Shaded in pink, 15 stalks, wrapped in Korean-inspired wrapping style. Pre-order one today !
  • A/S Brunch Box

    Share a meal together at home ! What's in our Brunch Box ? Chicken Sausages x 2 | Chicken Ham x 2 | Farmer's Bread x 2 | Buttery Croissant x 1 | Side Salad | Mushrooms | Sweet Potatoes | Scrambled Eggs - Add on another +RM30 for a stalk of flower bouquet *Sharing platter for 2-3pax *All food items are Halal Certified
  • The Expression of Love is wrapped with 5 stalks of fresh red roses. It is the best way to express your admiration and appreciation to your loved ones.
  • Forrero Yours, Forever Yours ! ;) A box of timeless romance, passion and a little surprise of chocolates! Fresh roses and Ferrero Rocher Chocolates in a heart shaped box.